Outdoor Holder Stabilizer for Smart Phone Action Camera

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Outdoor Holder Stabilizer for Smart Phone Action Camera Outdoor Holder 3-Axis Flexible H4 Handheld Gimbals Stabilizer for iPhone 11 9 8 Samsung Smart Phone PTZ Action Camera
of Axes: 1-Axis Rolling Angle: 270
Communication: Bluetooth Type: handheld gimbal
Titling Angle: 180 Panning Angle: 360
Configured for: action photo cameras Configured for: Smartphones
Feature: Following the shooting mode Feature: Face Recognition
Camera Integration: No App Setting: Yes  Charging for Mobile Device: Yes
Support Remote Control: Yes Package: Yes
Material: Other Weight (g): 450g Vertical Shooting: Yes
Configured for: Action cameras/Smartphones
Package 1: H4 Handheld gimbal
Package 2: H4 and LED Light
Package 3: H4 and tripod
Package 4: H4 and tripod and LED

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