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Our Story Dear Customer: First.... We would like to say a massive THANK YOU!!!! For your time, help and support in this business. Thank you...for sharing your time with us. We really appreciate all your support!!! May I tell you the story of how we founded our business? Years ago, my husband and I were thinking about starting a new business Together, so we started Wear Bling Bling Llc .  I used to wear shiny garments when I was young. T-shirts for Women, Rhinestone T-Shirts, Bling Tees ,Handmade , Bling wear Bling, Bling T-Shirts, Rhinestones Bling, Custom Rhinestones, Rhinestones Bling T-Shirts....

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Hot fix rhinestones, also called heat transfer rhinestones, are mainly used for apparel. The flat bottom of the stone has a glue backing and when heated melts onto the surface of the clothing.[3] These can be adhered using a regular iron, however, it is recommended to use a heat press, as they are able to reach higher temperatures (standard transfers require temperatures of up to 180–200 °C (350–400 °F), which regular irons are not capable of) while applying heavy pressures resulting in a more professional standard quality. Check out this Beautiful >>Dresses <Subscribe to this Blog Here>

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