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Our Story

Dear Customer:
We would like to say a massive THANK YOU!!!! For your time, help and support in this business. Thank you...for sharing your time with us.
We really appreciate all your support!!!

May I tell you the story of how we founded our business?

Years ago, my husband and I were thinking about starting a new business Together, so we started Wear Bling Bling Llc . 
I used to wear shiny garments when I was young. T-shirts for Women, Rhinestone T-Shirts, Bling Tees ,Handmade , Bling wear Bling, Bling T-Shirts, Rhinestones Bling, Custom Rhinestones, Rhinestones Bling T-Shirts.
Wear Bling Bling  all the Time.

I really loved it , but sometimes I felt frustrated because I could never find what I wanted. For all this reason that's why we founded this store, to offer what we lacked.

LOOK AT US NOW!!!. We invite you to Check out our store and find our catalog with Handmade Rhinestone t-shirts. 
Every day we put our heart in every piece . And try to show different motifs customized specially for you.

  Wear-bling-bling-llc-orlando-fl- Blog About-us

Kind Regards,

Wear Bling Bling Llc

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